About Dan

Dan Tucker

Dan Tucker was born on the picturesque Isle of Wight during the heat wave year of 1976. He received his first SLR as a Christmas present when he was 14 (an Olympus OM30). Prior to this he had been using a compact but it was this present that really turned his occasional interest into a full blown hobby.

After enrolling on an Art & Design course at the local College he bought a black and white darkroom and since then has never looked back.

Dan currently uses a Canon Eos 5D for digital, but still occasionally calls on his Mamiya RB67 Pro S in Medium Format.

Growing up on the Isle of Wight naturally led Dan into landscape photography, which is still his preferred subject, but today his portfolio includes far reaching subjects such as still life, architecture, wildlife and portraiture.

Dan also contributes to the The Alamy Stock Library where a large selection of corporate, industrial and tourism images are available for licensing worldwide many of which are not available here so please feel free to peruse the library by clicking here.

Photography By Dan Tucker